About us
Closing the learning gap to build a better future for young people is the cornerstone of BYL’s work. We partner with local businesses to offer young graduates experience in their areas of interest. Our high-quality programming begins with our communication curriculum for youth, preparing them for our PR placement initiative and ongoing life skills.

Our Mission

To empower youth with career readiness skills through innovative programs, fostering effective communication for future success.

Our Vision
To promote career readiness among young adults by enhancing communication skills, fostering self-awareness and resilience, and empowering youth to confidently navigate the professional world.   

Our Pillars


The BYL team brings talent along with a strong Passion for learning and achieving success in our approach to assisting schools and organizations develop strong, lifelong communicators.



Backed by extensive research and driven by a desire to give back, BYL recognizes the value of Integrity in addressing challenges being faced by today’s underserved youth communities.



Our social enterprise business model is designed to expose students to real-world experiences with our Community of PR partners, providing them with soft skills development and enhancement.



We’ve developed a number of Creative, life-enriching programs for youth, programs designed to develop skills as simple as a smile and as complex as delivering public relations communications.