Empowering Youth for Career Success by Bridging the Communication Gap.

Broadcast Your Love (BYL), which was guided by the dreams of broadcast journalist Thea Williams-Douglas, has grown to a 501(c)3 now improving communications skills for those who need it most. We create new possibilities for youth in their career and personal development through integrated learning including curriculum-based courses, soft skills training, mentorship, social and emotional learning (SEL), and real-world experiences.

Our Pillars


The BYL team brings a passion for learning and achieving success to our approach to assist schools and organizations in developing strong, lifelong communicators.


Backed by extensive research and driven by a desire to give back, BYL recognizes the value of integrity in addressing challenges faced by today’s underserved youth communities.


Our social enterprise business model is designed to expose students to real-world experiences through our community of public relations partners who provide them with soft skills development.


BYL’s creative, life-enriching programs for youth are designed to develop skills as simple as a smile and as complex as delivering PR communications.

Our Programs

Feeling Write

Inspired by the work of leading researcher Dr. James Pennebaker, Feeling Write uses journal exercises as a means of expression to document students’ thoughts and feelings.


A curriculum-based program aligned with state standards, C.O.P.Y. is designed to improve reading, writing, and social and emotional skills essential for educational, personal, and career success.


As a work-based learning experience, Y-PR offers young professionals the opportunity to work with local organizations needing integrated communications assistance.

Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile

-- Albert Einstein

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