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How BYL Helps Young People

We help young people understand the value of self-expression. Through working with them to develop written and verbal communication skills, we increase resilience, support emotional stability, and encourage personal and academic development.

BYL’s programs work at the individual and group level to support young people in cultivating the skills to succeed in life. Through a network of community leaders and business partners, students are encouraged to participate in asset development for better career success.


Feeling Write

The Feeling Write program is based on research on the benefits of journaling conducted by Dr. James Pennebaker, former chairman of the Psychology Department at the University of Texas at Austin. Pennebaker found that journaling helps manage emotions, offering individuals the opportunity to mentally shift issues through writing. This process of expressing feelings allows youth to better understand them, which builds the self-awareness to avoid certain risks like depression.

Students enrolled in the Feeling Write course receive a journal at the beginning of the program. They are also encouraged to continue journaling through high school and in their daily lives.  


Communication Opportunities Program for Youth (C.O.P.Y)

This innovative curriculum provides a series of communication courses to assist young people in developing the skills needed to reach their career goals.  Social and emotional learning (SEL) skills are also integrated into the program to uniquely prepare them for success in life. 

This multi-tiered learning approach uses professionals to supervise the courses and train college students as instructors. This approach gives the college students a chance to develop their own mentor relationship with professional advisors. 

The goal of each course is to provide measurable outcomes for students, as well as other participants being instructed.


Youth Public Relations Agency (Y-PR)

Y-PR is a social enterprise that partners young people who have participated in BYL’s program with clients. This course provides students an opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience along with job mentoring from our partners.  

In these uncertain time, nonprofit organizations have begun to diversify funding sources to better execute their mission and serve their communities. Similarly, Broadcast Your Love will expand its funding through the Youth Public Relations (Y-PR) company offering integrated marketing services to clients. The mutually beneficial relationship between the Y-PR team students and business community will help develop a quality pool of future interns and employees. 



Let BYL Support Your Business

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