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Building Skills for Life

Many young adults yearn to express themselves confidently, build resilience, and reach their full potential. But challenges like lack of confidence, emotional instability, and limited communication skills can hold them back. These obstacles can make it difficult to connect with others, struggle in school, and feel unprepared for the future.

BYL offers programming that caters to individual and group needs, all designed to cultivate the skills young adults need to thrive and overcome these obstacles.


Feeling Write

Inspired by University of Texas at Austin Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Dr. James Pennebaker’s research, this program uses journaling to enhance emotional well-being and self-awareness. Students develop tools to manage emotions, overcome challenges, and cultivate resilience.


Communication Opportunities Program for Youth (C.O.P.Y)

This comprehensive curriculum combines communication skill development with social and emotional learning (SEL) strategies. C.O.P.Y. features instructor-led courses, ensuring students receive personalized guidance and feedback. Trained college student instructors help foster mentorship opportunities and create a supportive learning environment. Measurable outcomes ensure program effectiveness for all participants. 


Youth Public Relations Agency (Y-PR)

Y-PR is a social enterprise that provides young adults with hands-on experience and career mentoring. Students working with Y-PR can gain invaluable experience and build connections within the professional community. This mutually beneficial program helps businesses access a talented pool of future employees while supporting BYL’s mission.



Invest in Tomorrow’s Talent, Today.

BYL students are tomorrow’s workforce – confident communicators ready to make a positive impact. Partner with our Y-PR program and gain access to a pool of talented young professionals eager to contribute their skills to your organization.

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