Do you like being out in the fresh air? Like working as part of a team? Fancy a new way to keep fit? Then perhaps Trekk Club is right for you. Two weekends a month we go out in the local woods, forests and countryside on a trekk. Supported by qualified Outdoor Instructors, you will learn map reading and orienteering skills. If you really get into it there is scope for you to work towards your Duke of Edinburgh Awards and perhaps become a leader yourself.

A few times a year the club will go further afield for a weekend of trekking and camping, where you will learn some basic survival skills and if some of you are musical, perhaps sing some songs around the campfire!

We tailor some of our outings so that they are more accessible for wheelchair users and those with mobility difficulties and we encourage all of the young people to support each other and identify the most appropriate routes to take so the whole group can join in.

Pop into Youthy to find out about joining the Trekk Club.