Frequently Asked Questions


What is Broadcast Your Love (BYL)?

Broadcast Your Love is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization for youth to learn improved verbal and non verbal communications skills and healthy ways to conduct themselves on social networks.  It provides a curriculum-based program as well as real-world experiences.


Why was BYL started?

BYL was founded by MarcÍa L. Williams in honor of her sister, Thea E. Williams – Douglas, a talented broadcast journalist and community advocate who passed away from an aggressive form of breast cancer.


Why is an organization like BYL needed?

According to a 2009 study conducted by After school Matters (a non-profit which assists teenagers to become paid apprentices or club members in various areas, such as the arts, sports, and technology), the shift to a knowledge economy has generated widespread concern that young people are entering the workforce without the skills which employers highly value, such as communication, critical thinking, leadership, and teamwork.  The study determined that work-based learning is an important part of student preparation for the workplace upon high school graduation, and possibly later, college.

The research also revealed that today’s teens use texting as their primary means of communication.  Due to this shift, their ability to communicate face-to-face is diminishing, and the general decline in their communication skills detrimentally affects their ability to function in society generally, and severely hampers their workplace potential.  The study also concluded that there are many ways in which technology can be used to improve youth communication skills, rather than restrict them.


What is Unique about BYL’s Programming?

There are few organizations whose sole focus is to improve and/or enhance communications skills among youth.  Our program model builds on and emphasizes the strengths of the young participants, not their deficiencies.   It also seeks to involve numerous community members, including, but not limited to, family, corporate, church, school, non-profit, and other stakeholders.


Do the opinions on the site reflect the view of everyone at BYL?

While many of the themes on the site are issues that are generally thought of as those affecting youths, the opinions of our writers and our readers are not to be taken as the official view of the BYL team on any particular subject. .


Who uses BYL?

Our site is targeted to youths 13 and over as some content may be unsuitable for younger children. The majority of our users are junior and high school students and it is open to youths across the country.


How I can use the site?

In order to engage on the site you will need to sign in leggi l’articolo completo.

  • Check out our Youth Community section, where you can discuss changing topics, play games, watch funny videos and share your stories.
  • Share your favorite articles on Facebook and Twitter and discuss them with your friends.
  • Write your story and share it with others.


Who can post content to the site?

Anyone can post an article, a video, a picture, or a re-blog of an article. Our team will review everything before it is published to the site. If there is a problem with your post, our Editor will get in touch with you via email.  We reserve the right to edit your post for grammar and content, though content edits are typically minimal. Unless you receive an email stating that there is a problem with your post, it is most likely in the queue and should be published soon.


Can other organizations work with BYL?

Yes, we welcome partnerships with other youth-focused websites, communities and organizations. Please email us at for more information on how you can partner with Broadcast Your Love.