Ask the Professional

Below is a list of 10 Questions Teens May Ask


1. Why do I worry about my appearance?

Typically, a number of people can find one thing or another that they don’t like about their bodies. For instance, a person may feel that they have a few unwanted pounds. Perhaps others don’t like the size or the shape of their nose.  Sometimes teens struggle to deal with their complexion. If so, the concerns fall within a normal range. Teens should not see a cause for alarm. There is no reason to think that they have a serious problem. In fact, if you saw your face and body as totally, wonderfully, gorgeous and without flaws, many people would think you are some kind of narcissistic.


2. How can I talk to my parents or guardians?

Sometimes, it can be difficult to reason with your parents. Even so, they were teenagers once too, and more than likely they had similar challenges. Thus, discussing important things with your parent/guardian can help to strengthen your relationship with them and build a relationship of mutual trust

3. How do I deal with peer pressure?

The first step is to Say ‘no’ like you mean it. It is one of the most basic way to respond to peer pressure. Standing up to peer pressure will save you the trouble of getting pressured again in the future. The “No” sends a clear message that you’re not interested. In the process, be firm and make eye contact.


4. I sometimes get confused about who I am. How can I feel more comfortable in my own skin?

Instead of validating your worth via others’ opinion, find self-worth within yourself to become comfortable with who you are. Don’t ask opinion from perfectionists. Besides stay away from haters, these factors can really prohibit someone from being comfortable in their own skin.

5. What do I do if I’m being bullied at school?

Liaise with your parents and contact the offender’s parents. It is the right approach only for persistent acts of bullying the parents should call or e-mail the culprit’s parents in a non-confrontational way, making it clear that your goal is to resolve the matter together.


6. What if I make a very public mistake; how can I feel better about myself and fix it?

The best way is to own up for the mistake and seek forgiveness. Apologizing to the public is a good approach.


7.What can I do if I’m being pressured to be more intimate physically than I want to be?

Never allow anyone to pressure you. Remember, No means No. Every intimate action should be out of your own consent. Never allow people to control how you feel.


8. How can I get my parents or guardians to trust me more?

You can develop trust with parents, if you become more open with what you do. Let your parents know how you are feeling, show them that you are a nice person. Talk to them whenever you need emotional and financial support.


9I’m not sure what I want to do when I grow up. How can I figure out what to do after I graduate?

Sometimes, you can talk to a career coach and let them know your strengths and weaknesses. The coaches are professionals and know how to detect talent. Once you detect your talent, it’s advisable to develop a career based on what you like. For example, if you are a talented footballer it is wise to become a footballer.


10. Here are some ways to handle not drinking when your friends are drinking:

  1. Just make something up to get people off your back. You can tell them that your doctor restricted you from taking alcohol.
  2. Sometimes you can say that you are the designated driver.
  3. I’m on a strict diet and don’t want the calories.
  4. Keep up with the activities drinkers like to take part in.