Teen Videos

Welcome to our Video page. It takes teamwork along with communication to make BYL work, and we have some passionate partners that have shown us a lot of love. Thanks to the organizations below for their creative involvement and support. We hope you will enjoy our teen-produced series they have created.


We hope you will enjoy some of our team’s video selections below. If you have any ideas or suggestions, leave a note in the comment box.


Staying Safe and Protecting your Online Brand

Internet Safety – Just Who are You Chatting With?

Privacy and Reputation Online


How to Stay Safe on Facebook


Fun /quirky videos

Best teen fails compilation


Top 10 Crazy Pranks


Ultimate bad friends compilation


Top 10 Pranks In The Hood *GONE WRONG*


Teen Voices: Oversharing and your Digital Footprint


Internet Safety Tips for Teens – Helpful AND Funny



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