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Using conflict resolution skills to manage career, peer, and family relationships.

Course Description:

Learning how to navigate conflict through communication is vital in thinking and acting more effectively in challenging situations. By the end of the course students will be able to:

  • Recognize the best conflict resolution strategies for more effective interactions.
  • Understand how words and thoughts impact your conflict resolution communication style.
  • Learn listening skills to observe instead of judge others.
  • Determine better ways of thinking about and handling conflict through finding common ground for resolution.
  • Create a platform for constructive conversations throughout better storytelling and communication skills.

Rationale Overview:

Many teens use the term “drama” to describe conflict with others, such as bullying from peers or negative interaction with parents. Young people are also impacted by social media posts of people verbally or physically clashing. Because teens often brush aside advice from adults, courses that can help them navigate through conflict may be of value. This training helps them learn viable skills to prevent negative interactions when continuing their education or joining the workforce.    

This course will also offer students an opportunity to express themselves by creating and/or contributing to a podcast. The podcast will be a vehicle for teens to express their feelings about situations that they may have experienced, and by giving them the tools and a platform to discuss and handle conflicts with confidence. Ou goal is to help students communicate more effectively and create meaningful dialogue around the conflicts they encounter.

Duration: Eight 50-minute class periods