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Course Description:

Our “Let’s Talk Resolutions” course is divided into two sections. The first four weeks focus on seven vital components of navigating conflict through communication. The second part of the course provides an opportunity for learning by self-expression and podcast production. The instructor and podcast producer will involve students in creating and producing the podcast as well as in distribution and hosting.

The goal is to create a format that is a safe space for teens to practice using the tools learned to avoid conflict and allows everyone to share their feelings on a variety of topics.  By the end of the course students will be able to:

  • Recognize the best conflict resolution strategies for more effective interactions.
  • Understand how words and thoughts impact communication style.
  • Find common ground for resolving conflicts.
  • Create and produce podcasts to engage with classmates and share valuable content.

TEKS standards:

130.110 110.50
130.275 110.58
130.276 110.61
130.302 110.62

Rationale Overview:

Young people who experience ongoing conflict with family or friends are more likely to develop serious issues with employers that potentially impact their careers. Recent research has shown many teens use the term “drama” to describe conflict with others, such as bullying from peers or negative interaction with parents. Young people are also impacted by social media platforms where they witness posts and videos of people clashing.   

Because teens often brush aside advice from adults, courses that help them early on navigate through conflict are valuable tools. Learning effective communication tactics for difficult situations provides ways to successfully engage when conflict arises. This training is important for young people to learn viable skills that help prevent negative interactions when continuing their education or joining the workforce.

The best thing we can do for our youth is offer them the tools for healthy communication so they can experience their careers and personal lives on their own terms. “Let’s Talk Resolutions” creates a safe space for teens to practice what they learn and discuss what is going on in their lives. It will also teach them that communicating through conflict does not have to be that hard – it can in fact be very rewarding.

Duration: Seven 50-minute class periods

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